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Frequently Asked Questions
It is very much safe to fly in a helicopter and with our experienced aircrew and technical crew it is ensured that each passenger will have a safe and happy landing. However with passengers suffering from hypertension/heart diseases or the super senior citizen passengers there will be a prior medical checkup by a medical specialist if informed prior.
Yes, the personal insurance will be provided as per the bank norms and the same can be bought while booking the tickets at a very nominal price.
Yes, unlike other charter companies we provide refund on the cancelled tickets as per the company’s norm and the time it is cancelled. For example, for a Dehradun joy ride ticket 50 % of the refund will be given to the passenger if cancelled 3 days prior, 25 % if canceled 2 days prior and no refund if cancelled 24 hrs prior.
Yes, unlike many airlines we provide transfer of tickets free of cost if valid ID is produced. The same can be done 1 hour prior to boarding.
The tickets can be rescheduled at a nominal cost if done by the passenger 24 hrs prior. The company reserves the right to reschedule the time as per the clearances obtained for flying, weather and any unforeseen situation after prior informing the passenger. For charter flights the timings will be as per the passenger.
For sorties more than 30 mins, free refreshments will be provide to passengers, however for sorties less than 30 mins refreshments will be provided on demand basis as per the existing rates.
The tickets can be booked 24 hrs prior online and window ticket can be booked on the spot depending upon availability. The bookings will be opened from 31 Jan 2020 onwards.
Yes, we permit use of mobile to click photographs inside, however the same is to be in airplane mode to avoid interference in communication and other electronic equipment.
The tickets will be rescheduled at no extra cost and also if there is a change of day for the sortie, full refund will be given to the passenger as per his wish to cancel the rescheduled ticket.
Yes, however minimum 24 hr information to be given for the location of destination and also there will be charges on the preparation of helipad and transportation of fuel if required(if helipad/ fuel facility not available the company should be informed 1 week prior).
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